About Me


Welcome to The Desire Path.

I’m Helen. I’m a PR and Communications practitioner who loves adventure. Passionate about inspiring people to live an active and healthy lifestyle, I created The Desire Path to share my journey as I explore the world around me.

In January 2020, I was about 4 stone overweight and growing increasingly unhappy with my life. I had good job prospects, great friends, a supportive family… but something wasn’t right. I had developed bad eating habits and a sluggish cloud was hanging over me every day. I decided enough was enough and took to a strict diet and upped my exercise routine. Gradually, I got my weight down and noticed my energy levels surge.

As the country battled the pandemic, I used lockdown to focus on what I really loved and felt a longing to be outdoors – hiking, running, bimbling, anything that got me off the sofa and out in the fresh air.

‘I can’t’ is easily said. I can’t drive for over an hour to the Peak District for a hike. I can’t book a last minute flight for two nights in Europe. I can’t go for a walk because I have nobody to go with. The biggest improvement to my life has been changing my mindset, from ‘I can’t’ to ‘why not‘. Join me on this journey to a happier and healthier life.

Do you have a recommendation of somewhere I should visit? Drop me a message.