Why hiking is good for mental health

At a time when we all need a positive boost, there are many ways you can prioritise your mental health. Hiking is a great way of getting outdoors, exploring beautiful places and keeping active… all of which are beneficial for a healthy mind and body. Walking is Britain’s most popular outdoor recreation by far, withContinue reading “Why hiking is good for mental health”

My Summer Roundup: Top 5 Peak District walks

The Peak District has well and truly become my stomping ground and I’ve been lucky enough to spend many sunny days hiking through the valleys, up the hills, and along the ridges. At just under 1,500 square foot, the Peak District is a vast playground for explorers and it can be hard to know whereContinue reading “My Summer Roundup: Top 5 Peak District walks”

Camping in the Cotswolds: My two-day itinerary

As Storm Francis set in across the country, I decided to book a last-minute camping trip to the Cotswolds… crazy, you might say… and many did. Thanks to furlough, I’ve been away from my 9-5 for the majority of summer and I’ve tried to squeeze in as much hiking as my little legs could manage.Continue reading “Camping in the Cotswolds: My two-day itinerary”

Meandering the Malverns: A day spent hiking the hills

It’s human nature to want to plan things out so we’re not caught off guard or end up getting in a pickle. However, we often over plan adventures and, for me, this takes away the excitement of the unknown. I often do some initial research into what general area I want to explore and where’sContinue reading “Meandering the Malverns: A day spent hiking the hills”